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Introducing ICEBYTE β€”Subscriptions Based Dev Agency

ICEBYTE replaces unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies with a fixed monthly fee. No contracts, cancel any time.


Subscribe to a plan & create as many tickets as you need.

Work In Progress

Get your tasks completed 1 at a time by a Sr. level frontend developer.

Review & Approve

Our job is not done until you're 100% satisfied.

Build & Maintain

Whether you're building a new project from scratchor already have an established product, we have can help.

New Project

We can build an MVP using most popular UI libraries and frameworks.

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Established Product

An extra pair of hands to help fix bugs and develop new UI components.

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Async Workflow

Work is being done even while you're sleeping.

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  • Fully Async

    In our experience most meetings can truly be reduced to an email, therefore we don’t do any.

  • Manage on Trello

    Manage the backlog with Trello. Add, review completed tasks with ease.

  • Invite team members

    Invite up to 9 team members so everyone can create tasks and track their progress.


Membership Benefits

The advantages are so great you'll never want to hire another freelancer or agency.

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Task Board

Add as many tickets to your task board as you'd like.

Production Ready

Using the most popular & production ready UI libraries.

Fixed Monthly Rate

No surprises here! Pay the same fixed price each month.

Easy & Flexible

Easy to get started and you can cancel at anytime.

Speedy Delivery

Get your tasks done one at a time in just a few days on average.

Simplified Maintenance

Well-structured code that facilitates easier maintenance and updates.

Client Reviews

See how ICEBYTE helped Adrian from and why he recommends working with us.

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Are you ready?

Make your team happy and reduce burnout by offloading all the boring & repetitive tasks to us and let them focus on more important work.

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Choose whichever plan suits your needs best.

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  • Unlimited tickets in backlog
  • 1x active task at a time
  • Up to 9 team members
  • Regular task updates
  • Cancel anytime


Paid monthly


  • Unlimited tickets in backlog
  • 1x active task at a time
  • Up to 9 team members
  • Regular task updates


Paid quarterly

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